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Wilton has the enviable location of being right in the heart of Connecticut’s Gold Coast. It’s near enough to the beaches along the Long Island Sound coastline and surrounded by the lush greens of the Norwalk River Valley. Unlike its rural neighbor, Wilton is relatively more modern, with touches of countryside living sprinkled throughout the town. It covers a total area of 27 square miles, with a population of over 18,400 residents.

History highlights:

  • Wilton’s first settlers were a group called the Proprietors. They arrived in 1651, just outside of Norwalk, and settled in 50,000 acres of land. Eventually, the Proprietors sold parcels of this land and, by 1725, Wilton had 40 families living in town.
  • In its early days, Wilton didn’t have its own church. So, its original families had to make the trek to Norwalk to attend service. In 1726, however, a petition was granted to build Wilton Parish. This drove further development in Wilton.
  • In 1802, Wilton was finally incorporated as its own town despite Norwalk’s objections. In the following years, Wilton’s population grew and then decreased. It was only in the 1950s to 1970s when Wilton continuously saw a rise in numbers as more people flocked to live in town.

Real estate in Wilton, CT

Wilton’s real estate market has direct ties to its rich history. Remember when people left the town in the 19th century? This enabled Wilton to amass an impressive collection of homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. When people slowly started to relocate to Wilton, these properties were updated and turned into summer homes. When more modern developments were introduced in the 20th century, everyone was in agreement that these homes must be preserved.

And so, Wilton has a spectacular market for anyone looking for historic properties. But if you are also looking for more contemporary options, Wilton also offers homes built from the 1960s onward. They come in the form of townhouses, cottage-style homes, and Colonial residences with manicured lawns and well-tended courtyards.

Living in Wilton, CT

Wilton’s town center is the main activity hub, where you can wine and dine, shop for necessities (or to just treat yourself), and buy a cup of your favorite joe. The local library, as well as other services, are also found here. 

U.S. Route 7 runs through the entire length of Wilton, from north to south. It connects to different parts of the town, which makes it the most convenient road to take if you’re traveling in and around Wilton. The town also has two train stations, both served by Metro-North Railroad. You can take the Danbury line to the neighboring towns or to New York City.

A sense of community is a big part of living in Wilton. So, watch out for an array of special events throughout the year. Mingle in fetes such as Weir Farm’s Jazz in the Garden. You can also meet and socialize with neighbors at Wilton’s farmers market. 

Would you like to live in Wilton?

Wilton offers the right balance between countryside living and big-town sophistication. Call me today at 203.247.7500to learn more about the local real estate and all of your options here.

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