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Located further inland in Connecticut’s Gold Coast, Weston doesn’t have the miles of beachfront its neighbors Fairfield, Norwalk, and Bridgeport enjoy. But what it lacks in ocean access, it more than makes up for in outstanding recreational pursuits that let you get in touch with nature. This small town of about 10,200 residents has a total area of almost 21 square miles, covered by parks, greenery, and the woods of the Devil’s Den Preserve.

History highlights:

  • Weston traces its roots back to the 17th century. During that time, the area we know today as Weston was still part of a much larger Fairfield. It was in 1787 when Weston finally got to be its own town following its incorporation. The town became smaller nearly 60 years after when Easton also became incorporated.
  • Did you know? In 1807, a meteorite exploded above Weston and scattered debris all over town. There were a total of six pieces found, the largest of which weighed a hefty 36.5 pounds. This piece is now in Yale University’s Peabody collection.
  • Weston became popular among artists, actors, and writers in the 1930s. They came from New York and settled in the town. The local population grew even further when the Merritt Parkway was finished.

Real estate in Weston, CT

Covered by a thick blanket of trees, Weston is one of Connecticut’s Gold Coast’s hidden gems. It sits on a densely wooded and hilly terrain, and the zoning here is generous. As a result, the real estate market is saturated with beautiful single-family homes in two-acre lots. This allows for maximum enjoyment of Weston’s secluded location. If you need fresh air, all you need to do is open a window and let the breeze in.

Furthermore, Weston’s rural-yet-sophisticated character is reflected on the market offerings and their architectural styles. Here, you can find luxury homes, sprawling estates, and historic properties. Be sure to check out Weston CT real estate and the most desirable neighborhoods in Weston, including Lyons Plainsand Lower Weston.

Living in Weston, CT

Life in Weston centers on the enjoyment of open space and the great outdoors. Aside from the Devil’s Den Preserve located in the northern part of town, Weston is also home to the Katharine Ordway Preserve, Keene Park, and sixteen other nature preserves that are part of the Aspetuck Land Trust. You can go hiking, fishing, trail running, or enjoy a nice picnic along the banks of the Trout Brook Valley Preserve.

Weston Public Schools operates the top-rated public schools in town. These include Weston High School, which currently ranks as the second best high school in Connecticut and the best one within the Bridgeport metropolitan area.

Most of the commercial establishments in Weston are located at “The Center.” There is also no train station in Weston. In order to take the Metro-North Railroad, you can head to Fairfield, Bridgeport, or Westport.

Would you like to live in Weston?

In Weston, you can enjoy quiet and rural living without ever being too far away from big-town amenities and conveniences. Call 203.247.7500 today to explore Weston, Connecticut homes for sale!

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